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From "Player's Night Club" to Greater
Hope International Church

          Life in ministry is a life that isn't your own. Often God requires of you that which you, in no way, ever expected. He will often place assignments in your care that are overwhelming and seem impossible. After Evangelizing for most of my life in minstry, God gave me one such new assignment. After much prayer and fasting and numerous signs and confirmations, I accepted the mandate given by the Holy Ghost to establish a place of worship, prayer and praise in Robeson County, NC. We established The "Greater Hope International Church" in July of 2014.

          On July 22, 2014, we signed the lease for a building that was previously the "Player's Night Club." Many immoral and ungodly activities took place in this building. Extreme violence and shootings even took place here. After receiving an absolute miracle with this building, we began what became a 10 month renovation project. After consistent hard labor, many tears, sleepless nights, much prayer and miracle after miracle, we opened the doors to Greater Hope International Church on May 24, 2015.  We are thankful for your support and prayers, but most importantly, we are forever thankful for God's faithfulness and provision.

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